Are the free samples really free?

Absolutely! When you sign up for any kind of free sample, sample all-in-one mailing list or anything similar found from this site, you’ll be getting cool free stuff before you know it. Depending on what manufacturers you’re signed up with, you could start receiving stuff in as little as one week.

Does this site mail the samples?

No, we act as an easy to use link between you and the companies that are currently doing promotions and offering free samples right now. Our links and promotions might change but only when we find something better, more rewarding or with more features. All samples are typically mailed by the manufacturer.

Is there a free sample limit?

Most companies will limit you to receiving a free sample once or maybe a handful of times. This varies greatly depending on the company offering the sample and the product itself. Companies tend to keep your name and address on file so they often won’t send multiple items to the same person. If other household members sign up however, they can usually get a sample too.

What information do I need to provide?

Any offer found on this site will usually ask for the same information as the manufacturer sign-up sheet. This saves you time because our offers will fill all these sheets out for you. You will usually need to provide your name, address and e-mail address. Companies that offer free samples of tobacco products may ask for additional ID or verification.

We recommend you make a secondary e-mail account with Yahoo!, Gmail or an e-mail provider of your choice when you sign up for free samples because you could potentially get a large amount of coupons and offers every day and this can be overwhelming.

Do I need to pay shipping or anything?

It’s rare that a company will ask for shipping but this can happen. The price will usually be very small since you’re getting a sample size product. Paying for shipping typically happens when you sign up for some sort of membership program so read the fine print.

I’ve been waiting for ages, where’s my stuff?

Each manufacturer is different and some may take longer than others. This doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten you or decided not to ship something, they are probably just busy. Be patient and your free samples should show up soon.


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